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Calculation Programs for Refrigeration Design Engineers

Calculation programs for sale on this website were developed as a tool for the design of piping and components over a 30-year period and used practically during this time.

The first versions were implemented in one of the first personal computers, and later moved to MS DOS on the PC, and finally moved to MS Windows. Current versions runs on Windows 7/8/10.

The following programs are for sale:
The calculation program Pipe exists in three different versions:
Pipe1B for 23 different brines (secondary coolants).
Pipe1B1R for 23 different brines and 44 different refrigerants.
Pipe1B2R for 23 different brines, 44 different refrigerants and two-phase flow.

The programs include 10 different pipe series with standard dimensions and databases with valves.

RefLoad for the calculation of the cooling load in the cold storage room.
Sep for dimensioning of receivers and liquid separators with gravitational separation.

Full versions of the programs are free for a trial period of 30 days and can be downloaded in the menu section Downloads.

Manuals are available for download in PDF format in the section Downloads.